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My name is Clint and I'm the founder of WODing Warriors.  I've had a passion to provide more for OUR veterans since I left the military.  

The benefits of "fitness" go beyond the power of the physical.  In my opinion, the mental component far exceeds anything else.  I started WODing Warriors because of the mental benefits I personally experienced through my fitness journey.  Since I left the Navy in 2007, I married my high school sweetheart and have two wonderful children.  I've also gone on to receive a bachelor's and master's degrees along with a successful career.  With nothing but positive things in my life I still struggled throughout the years mentally.        

Eleven years after I left the military, and constant struggles I made the choice to finally do something; I joined a CrossFit gym.  In the first 6 months I saw my physical health begin to improve.  The part that so many veterans struggle with; the mind, would be much harder. 

CrossFit provides something that I haven't found anywhere else.  The community surrounding CrossFit is amazing.  Some may say annoying; however, that community, that camaraderie, that constant push to be better than the day before brought me to a place I only experienced when I was in the military.  The piece of my life that I felt was missing.  Is CrossFit for everyone; no, but without trying you will never know.  It took me 11 years to find it.  My hope is to provide the same physical and mental relief I experienced and provide better access for veterans who need it far more than I did.  

Join me in the fight FOR  our wounded veterans.  

God Bless our Veterans, their families and the United States of America!


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